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We fulfil our mission by HELPING to build a civil society by networking activists and local community leaders. We believe that by supporting their initiatives, we create a sustainable future.


We fulfill our mission by ORGANIZING scientific and cultural events: we organize conferences, summer schools, study visits, film screenings, debates and many more. We will take care of a given event from A to Z: we will help in advertising it, support in the preparation of the program, make reservations, organize catering and event registration. We also undertake research challenges: from 'desk research' through fieldwork to the final report. Nothing is impossible for us.

We organize

We inspire

We fulfill our mission INSPIRING to take up challenges, develop and discover new perspectives: we focus on creating a modern citizenship, characterized by responsibility for the immediate and further environment here and now and in the near and distant future. We do this by supporting third sector organizations, through information campaigns, trainings and workshops. We also engage in research on local forms of activism, self-organization of society and related.

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